Authentic Manhood Initiative
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You can feel the collateral damage in our families, our communities and around the world. If there is pollution downstream, we need to go upstream to fix what is causing it.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice reveal that 90% of murders are committed by men. 88% of robberies are committed by men, and 75% of all people arrested are men. Research concludes that gender is the single best predictor of criminal behavior. Men commit more crime, and women commit less. This distinction holds throughout history, for all societies, for all groups, and for nearly every crime category.

Imagine for a moment
what could be ...

Imagine a world where men lead in their marriages. Where men lead in raising their children. Where men lead in protecting those who are weak and oppressed.

Imagine a world where men take the initiative for the benefit of others. This is a future worth fighting for. It is the most important journey you could possibly be on.

– From 33 The Series, Volume 1: A Man and His Design


Ultimately, men don't need behavior modification—MEN NEED JESUS.

Research reveals when the father is a follower of Jesus that 92% of the time the entire household will be. When it’s just the mother, the likelihood of the entire household following Jesus drops to 23%. As the men go, so goes the family, the impact in the community and around the world.

What could happen if thousands of men from different backgrounds, races, and seasons of life started gathering in cities across the country on a journey toward authentic manhood? What if hundreds of thousands of men around the world were experiencing manhood as it was designed to be?

WE KNOW HOW to create environments where men are more likely to engage in substantive conversations about REAL manhood and discover God’s original design and purpose for their life.

We have a strategy to make this vision a reality.

Snapshots of the movement

Experiencing Authentic Manhood in a community of men has literally CHANGED MY LIFE! It inspires me everyday to be more like Jesus.
— Richard Violette, Author of Faith Tested
We started the Authentic Manhood series about five years ago with only five men, and it has grown to over a hundred! Keep in mind that we are a small church in a small city in South Africa. It’s been a great blessing SEEING MEN CHANGE due to the impact of Authentic Manhood and  33 The Series.
— Willem Nelson, South Africa
Authentic Manhood has been a huge success at Folsom State Prison. Offenders are putting their faith in Jesus and relationships with families are being restored.
— Bill Thomas, Prison Fellowship
This is a place where there is no condemnation, but lots of accountability. The CONTENT of Authentic Manhood and the CONTEXT of this environment is a winning combination!
— Sam Newton, Founder & Principle Consultant of The Newton Group
Thanks for creating outstanding content that speaks grace and truth to men, and for developing A STRATEGY THAT CAN BE TAKEN TO THE STREETS!
— Bill Stone, Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center, Patterson, New Jersey
Through each round of Authentic Manhood, I showed my wife what we were learning. As I realized the value of implementing it into my life I saw our marriage grow stronger.
— Daniel Mays, The Woodlands, Texas