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USS Emory S. Land

The comprehensive and dynamic content in Authentic Manhood and 33 The Series addresses the issues that are at the core of every man’s journey. With a relevant and biblical message, it empowers men from every background to find healing and restoration in a relationship with their True Father and in community with other men.
— LT Scott A. Dean, Command Chaplain

Men In Crisis

We have three crisis pregnancy centers around Paterson, New Jersey. If you don’t know Paterson, it is not the safest and nicest area in the state. I am a volunteer, not a professional. I have no formal Bible training. And … I am 61, twice the age of most of these guys.

I have 10 guys that show up to our Authentic Manhood meetings fairly regularly. This is not your typical church men's fellowship. We have …

  • An entrepreneur, Hispanic, no father, raised  his siblings on his own when he was 18 , a one-year-old Christian.
  • A semi-pro football linebacker. When he walks in, everyone sits up!. Another young believer.
  • A real estate broker who brought a college friend who has struggled with several addictions.
  • A recently paroled prison inmate, not a believer.
  • A former San Francisco gang leader.
  • Two Muslims  who just love the material and bring friends.

I have been in and led men's Bible Studies for decades. It is usually the same mix—same age, same ethnicity, same church. This is just a wild adventure with this Authentic Manhood material. The guys are real, they have honest practical questions. We do not sit around and discuss or debate religious concepts, that’s for sure!

Thanks for creating outstanding content that speaks grace and truth to men, and for developing A STRATEGY THAT CAN BE TAKEN TO THE STREETS. Great stuff!

— Bill Stone, Volunteer at Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center, Paterson, New Jersey

[Larry Reamy was just one man out of a thousand attending a seasonal gathering called The Quest in The Woodlands, TX. The impact on his life compelled him to lead other men in the journey toward authentic manhood. Here is his story and a challenge to the men he has led.]


Being an Authentic Manhood host the past few years has been a real joy for me. I have met so many unbelievable men, young and old, that have enriched my life.

The Quest for Authentic Manhood started me on a new journey. God gave me an desire to bring men together and learn how to be real men. I knew that 33 The Series would be an effective tool to help bring men out of their shell and create a solid foundation and a safe place for them to learn and grow.

My job was just to start this movement and then back away and watch it take off. It took a little longer than I originally imagined, but that was exactly what God had planned. Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

I believe God has been reaching into the souls of more men like me and giving them the same passion to lead other men as he did me. You know who you are! It's time to step out of your comfort zone, trust God, and take a step to help change men's lives in your community.

— Larry Reamy, The Woodlands, Texas


City Place Cigars

We consistently have over 40 guys in attendance whenever we offer Authentic Manhood at City Place Cigars. There is a a good mix in age, some unsure of their faith. The feedback has been outstanding. Our discussion times have been very candid and open. Experiencing the content in this environment is a WINNER!
— Bob Miller, City Place Cigars, Lynchburg, Virginia


West End Cigars

Authentic Manhood at our cigar shop allows guys to openly talk about their challenges and struggles with men of all backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities. Guys not only love the content, they really enjoy breaking into small groups to process the material together.
— Brandon McKinney, West End Cigars, Little Rock, Arkansas

AN EPIDEMIC OF Fatherlessness

In the greater Cape Town region of South Africa we have a particular challenge around high rates of poverty and unemployment, along with associated socioeconomic challenges of a gangster culture, alcohol and substance abuse, and increasing levels of prostitution and human trafficking. The areas with the most challenging environments are those areas facing AN EPIDEMIC OF FATHERLESSNESS. It’s for this reason that I felt compelled to introduce Authentic Manhood to my sphere of influence.

Through facilitating 33 The Series, I've seen a marriage saved from the brink of divorce, a man forgiving his ex-wife after being divorced for two years, an unmarried man express how invaluable the sessions were to prepare him for married life. One of the best stories is of an unsaved guy who joined us and later committed his life to following Jesus as a result of the community that had formed through our weekly meetings.

Thank you for putting this material together! What a privilege it has been to see the love, grace, and power of God at work in the lives of men who chose to participate. I've seen first-hand how this has the power to enter households and change the lives of men who would not be found near a traditional church. Authentic Manhood has helped us take Jesus to them.

— Errol Van Staden, Cape Town, South Africa

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US Merchant Marine Academy

Authentic Manhood is making a huge impact on the Merchant Marine Academy campus. We have over 40 men gather every week. The men at the Academy are hungry for these timeless truths in this community of men.  Parents call, professors comment, and the staff all know who the men are who attend because of the positive impact Authentic Manhood is having.
 — Jerry Durham, Command Chaplain, Kings Point, NY

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US Embassy Baghdad

We started with five men and quickly increased to 14-15 on a weekly basis.  We meet around the fire pit with snacks and cigars and watch a session from 33 The Series followed by very open discussions. All of the guys show up excited to learn and are quick to talk about how this experience is helping their relationships and overall lives. With the number of high-ranking military men and contractors in our group, the name of Jesus is being carried into places of vast influence.  Thank you for battling with us!

— Michael R. Burke, Razor 1, Baghdad Embassy Security Force

Sam's Backyard

How do you come back from the dark side after your son returns home from bravely serving and sacrificing for his country on the battlefield in Iraq only to lose his life to the deep wounds of PTSD? Sam Newton rightfully questioned the existence of a loving God who would allow something like that to happen. Sam tried to bury himself in his grief, but his friends wouldn't let him go. It was in that camaraderie and AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY that Sam was able to emerge and help other broken men navigate through the pain and emptiness of dealing with life within the faulty framework of conventional manhood.

A foundational principle of Authentic Manhood is that every man will either live in the shadow of the First Adam, the Adam in the Garden, or the light of the Second Adam—Jesus. Watch Sam's story and see how he emerged from the shadows of death to be a life-giving spirit to others.

"The first man Adam became a living being, the last Adam, a life-giving spirit." — 1 Corinthians 15:45

Shift Happens

Brad Duncan was like many other guys—just going through the motions of manhood as a husband and a father, but not really getting it until he was invited to an Authentic Manhood gathering. Brad discovered that in order to experience real manhood and be the man he was designed to be, he would need to die to himself in order to truly live. Brad came away from that experience with a new tattoo and a new mission to invest eternally.

Watch Brad's story and see what every man needs to discover.

Milwaukee County House of Corrections

Authentic Manhood and 33 The Series is a highly effective tool when men from the outside connect with inmates and help them discover God's timeless principles of biblical manhood. The stories of life-change behind bars are truly amazing, not just among the prisoners, but also among the men from the outside who are leading courageously and investing eternally.

The Friend Face

Men need a safe environment where they know they are not alone, a place where they can share their heart not just their opinions about life or even the Bible. A sterile meeting in a religious room won't satisfy their need for true brotherhood and community. Men need a clear, compelling vision of biblical manhood and time with other men to effectively process their manhood. Men need male cheerleaders to encourage them and a plan of action that they can put on paper and in the hands of other men with the accountability to follow through.

Watch this story of a group of men who made a commitment to connect in this kind of community for over 20 years—to laugh with each other in the good times, walk with each other through the tough times, and hold each other in the terrible times.

From 33 The Series, Volume 1: A Man and His Design