Authentic Manhood

With the strategic use of technology, community does not have to be limited to proximity.

THE CHALLENGE: Most men are busy. Many feel that they are too busy to add another meeting to their calendar and participate in a group at a fixed time in a fixed place. Some men have experienced life-giving relationships that are born out of an intentional journey toward authentic manhood. These men now make it a priority and adjust their schedule to make space for it. How do we bridge the gap between those who get it and those who don't?

THE SOLUTION: Community does not have to be limited to proximity. We propose to create a mobile environment built around 33 The Series—an online community where men can form a group and journey together. Not only will the world-class content of 33 be more readily available, but this tool will help men engage their friends wherever they are in the world and on their on schedule.


33 The Series

  • Access to all 6 Volumes of 33 The Series (36 sessions)
  • Interactive Training Guides for each volume
  • Notifications with key principles, scriptures, articles, challenges, etc.
  • Links to references, bibliographies and other Training Guide resources
  • Shareable content: Notes, strategic moves, highlights, etc. (shared internally within the group as well as externally via social media)

Supplemental RESOURCES

  • Stories of personal impact that inspire face-to-face connections
  • Coaching from the Authentic Manhood team (best practices, applications, session takeaways, recaps & reminders)
  • Future content to be developed to support disciple-making and key manhood issues
  • Blogs
  • Daily Devotions


  • Encouragement to engage with at least one other man
  • Scalability (2, 4, 6, 8…)
  • Large gatherings can provide an option to subscribe to their group to help men stay connected and enhance their experience
  • Notifications within the group when someone finishes a session, submits a strategic move, etc.
  • The ability to schedule a meeting to process the content with others in the group
  • Connections with the Authentic Manhood Global Community

The images below represent the proposed features and functions of the web app. THESE ARE CONCEPTS only.


THIS WILL BE A HIGHLY RELATIONAL ENVIRONMENT designed and built from the ground up with the goal to inspire and facilitate community and accountability.

INDIVIDUALS will have an online platform to engage one-on-one or with a group wherever they are in the world. It will also help them connect with men everywhere in the Authentic Manhood Network.

LARGE GROUP GATHERINGS will have the option for men to enhance their experience by staying connected between sessions, continuing the conversation and spotlighting articles, resources and scriptures in the Training Guides. It will also provide a more effective and affordable solution for men to watch the sessions they miss.

QUALITY AND USER EXPERIENCE will be at the highest level with a robust functionality that sets it apart. It will launch with the quality and excellence the Authentic Manhood brand is already known for … and then some!