makING this vision a reality:


The timeless principles of biblical manhood in the six volumes of 33 THE SERIES have impacted about a million men around the world, but there are millions more who have yet to be reached. In America alone, there are 115 million men ages 18 and up. That’s a big target, and we need the right tools and the right strategy to hit it.

Our objective is not to get men to go through curriculum, but to help them process their manhood with other men—like iron sharpening iron as one man sharpens another. 33 THE SERIES provides PRECISION TOOLS to help men discover and experience the life-giving Spirit of Jesus.


The right CONTENT experienced in the right CONTEXT can change everything. We will work with local leaders around the world to launch gatherings in their city where men can engage in CONVERSATIONS about real manhood. This is new territory for a lot of men. Many will put their faith in Jesus, and many more will come alive to the call to be a disciple-maker.

Moving men onto a pathway of biblical manhood is the goal. Our strategy will huddle men up in large seasonal gatherings that will become a launching point for smaller accountability groups, mobilizing them to make a difference in their churches and communities while connecting them to local and global ministries.


[1] PARTNER WITH CHURCHES AND BUSINESSES TO LAUNCH PUBLIC SEASONAL GATHERINGS. Many of these will be in non-church environments like warehouses, gyms, community centers, etc. to introduce men to Authentic Manhood using the six volumes of 33 THE SERIES.

[2] CREATE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS targeting ALL MEN, not just church men.

[3] DECENTRALIZE THE MOVEMENT. Equip men to host small groups around their city in between the seasonal gatherings. Imagine a dozen or more medium to large seasonal gatherings that would feed into hundreds of small groups around the city.

[4] DEVELOP PARTNERSHIPS WITH LOCAL & GLOBAL GOSPEL-CENTERED MINISTRIES. Create clear pathways for men to engage in organizations that are making a difference in their community and around the world.


  • SHARE BEST PRACTICES & TRAININBG to maximize their effectiveness. (33 THE SERIES is already being used effectively in prisons around the country.)

  • PROVIDE TRAINING GUIDES FOR INMATES. Video Bundles and PDFs of the Training Guide outlines are already available at no charge for prison ministries. However, the experience is elevated when inmates have the complete Training Guides with all of the supplemental articles, bibliographies and scriptures. We want to raise funding to buy Training Guides and give them to these prison ministry partnerships.

  • CAPTURE STORIES of life-change from inmates and their families.

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Who Is leading This Initiative?

TIERCE GREEN is part of the creative and presentation team of 33 The Series that has already impacted hundreds of thousands of men. TIERCE is leading this initiative to reach even more men in a strategic partnership with Authentic Manhood and 33 The Series.

Tierce led over a thousand men a week in a seasonal gathering called The Quest for seven years in The Woodlands, Texas.
This experience transcended the room building stronger families, energizing the church, and impacting the community.

The staying power of the principles in Authentic Manhood is phenomenal when implemented in the right context with the right leaders who have been trained to use these precision tools.
We want to multiply the impact of experiences like this by a hundred, a thousand, and even more!



This is a bold initiative with the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of men around the world. 

We need men who want to leverage their connections and expertise, their success and resources for something greater than themselves—men who are ready to REJECT PASSIVITY, ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY, LEAD COURAGEOUSLY, and INVEST ETERNALLY.

Let's build something great TOGETHER!


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